01.18.14 H.E.L.P. Research Center PENOKEE Crest on SS Walk for the Water


Paul DeMainCitizens Concerned about the proposed Penokee Mine

I am editing the New Years Day "Snowshoeing in the Penokees" video with I and Nick taking a casual walk up the Tyler's Fork River from Moore Park Road to the arches near the Gorge. The piece is 38 minutes long off the recording camera as we were out of transmitting range and the battery went down in the cold pretty fast. (Posting Later tnite or AM

Both of us, despite the cold today with below zero temperatures wanted to get on the Snow Shoes and get them working. Nick had a new coat on his wooden ones and I shined up my aluminum's for practice for the 1st annual PENOKEE CREST ON SNOW SHOES Walk for the Water on Saturday, January 18th. Gathering up at NOON (leaving shortly after) at Chippewa Federation H.E.L.P Research Center and headed straight south into the range up to Joker's Lodge on the crest on the old Indian trail. We figure to be back with everybody no later then 4pm, or before dusk. It may now be up to the sorcerer to break the crest trail and actually time it, since we did the more difficult Tyler's Fork Trail (lol). 

There will be food around before and after, and hot coffee on. After consultation with Sandy we will find out if Victor is going up on the sleigh cart or on somebodies back. Also, will want to have a snowmobile stationed at HELP that day if somebody can bring one over. Now planning for 30-40 people, 1 dog and a frozen wood tick. RVSP.