03.12 14 Treaty Rights & Mining with Ann McCammon-Soltis

Treaty Rights & Mining with Ann McCammon-Soltis

Wednesday, March 12, 7 p.m.


                                                                       Sigurd Olson Environmental InstituteNorthland College

Eleven federally-recognized Ojibwe tribes in WI, MI, and MN have reserved hunting, fishing, and gathering rights in territories ceded to the United States through treaties. No state may take away tribal treaty rights, nor allow the destruction of treaty-protected resources such as land or water. So, how are treaty rights affected by human activities such as mining? 

Ann McCammon-Soltis is an attorney and the director of the Division of Intergovernmental Affairs at the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission in Odanah, Wisconsin. She is also a member of the Lake Superior Binational Program, which is a partnership group of managers and scientists who help manage shared land and water in the Lake Superior basin.