Amendments to AB 426

The proclamation to "amend the hell out of this bill" was a bit of an over statement. Mary Williams and her committee learned nothing or chose to ignore the public and the Wisconsin's best interests as this bill panders to the influence of big money and the leadership of Scott Walker and Jeff Fitzgerald. Too much power has been fallen into the hands of too few people. Bury the Bill! -  Read AB 426 aka as the Polluters over People Bill - a legacy of put forward by misguided and misinformed legislators. A bill that supports water degradation ignores treaty rights, and common sense. Mary Williams and Mike Kuglitsch have authored all these amendments. Mary’s name is on all these Amendments and Mike Kuglitsch was motivated to support only on three of the Amendments. Hopefully the vow to "amend the hell" is not just more political rhetoric.