Ashland Daiy Press - Help is on the way.. 08.20.2012

WE could not help but notice the lack of press overage by the Ashland Daily Press for the Bad River Pow-Wow. The explanation is that there were only two reporters available and the paper had covered two Pow-Wows this year. Seems the ADP folks are overworked and WE, (the Waters Edge) offered to provide pictures and an article next year if once again the ADP folks were still overwhelmed with reporter stuff. We thought we would take this opportunity to provide a few pictures for the APD staff to enjoy, as they did not have the opportunity to join the celebration.

As an after thought, WE may be able to help out with a few pictures and an article for one of the upcoming county fairs, as you will undoubtedly have the same dilemma - short on staff and you will have maxed out your quota of these community events also. Let us know and WE will attempt to help out. WE know how important it is to keep our communities connected and share events and celebrations. Five hundred and eighty dancers, in full regalia, joined together for the Grand Entry, on Saturday! These are just a few of the pictures - enjoy.