Behre Dolbear & Company Watch 

 Behre-Dolbear & Company is to mining companies with lots of money or no money as the Sears and Roebuck or J.C. Penny, or everyone’s favorite Spiegel’s catalogs were to rural American and keepin’ n style.

Having never heard of these folks, WE wanted to know more. Seems as if they are all over the place and have a product, process, or a program advertised on their virtual catalog. WE did find prices for the services of exactly if some programs cost more than others, do they use private investigators, which are their senior managers and the cost to maintain their services.

Very sketchy reports have been received from areas where BDC has a presence. From these very few, and WE do mean very few references the analysis has been universal: Behr-Dolbear & Company prepare economic reports, economic feasibility studies, and other lobbyist, banker, corporate stockbrokers need to provide the money. 

11.29 2012 Behre-Dolbear power presented to the Senate Mining Committee by Tim Sullivan

Introducing Behre Dolbear & Company

What is a Behre=Dolbear?

Round Two - Behre Dolbear & Company the new mouth for mining 07/07/12

Behind the Scene - Wisconsin Mining Association hires Bear-Dolbear 06/25/12

Tim Sullivan's Group hires reBBehre Dolbear & Company to promote Walker' s quest to bring back mining. 

Behre Dolbear at work in MIchigan 03.26.12 (Thanks to KeweenawNow}

Mineweb Quotes BD&C "United States is worst ranked nation in terms of mining permit delays - Page promotes  Tommy 03/20/12