Correspondence with Larry Lynch

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Bulk Sampling Questions:

Larry,    Response

I have questions re: the Bulk Sampling Permit:

1. Is this correct - I do not think you (or Ann Coakley) are actually  in a position to deny or issue the permit for GTac to begin Bulk Sampling.It is my understanding you are required to make certain all the permit questions and and application procedures have been met. The  actual decision to will be made by Cathy Stepp. Is this correct?

2. As of today's date the actual bulk sample permit has not been issued. Is this an accurate statement.

3. I have been trying to find the list of questions and concerns that came from the public comment period that were included in the Permit application that requires action or comment from GTac. I have not been successful. Might you let me know where I can find these questions and answers?

4. The sites with asbestos like fibers may have been removed from GTac's permit request. Is this factual?

5. It is my understanding no air monitoring will required for the Bulk Sample sites. If this is true, why was the decision made to not to require air quality monitoring?

6. How has the DNR permitting process addressed the emerging concerns regrading Ultra Fine Particles

7. What are the plans, if any, to address the presence of asbestos like fibers  that have been found in the Penokee Hills and the impact these fibers may have the air quality and human health in the region?

Thank you.

Frank K. Koehn