Julie Lassa -  Another Democrat supports GTac, Walker, and destruction of the Penokee Hills

SWE is willing to publish Julie's retraction or changed policy statement is this has been updated. Julie this is not about jobs - You are paraphrasing the message form Walker, Wisconsin Mining Association, and WMC. Hopefully your attitude has changed since this was statement was issued, SWE has searched and did not find an update.

My Statement on the Mining Legislation

by State Senator Julie Lassa on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 6:21pm ·

“I have always been a strong proponent of economic development, and I know that a taconite mine will bring new jobs and economic growth for our state.  It is possible to have a mine and protect our democratic process, as well as the precious natural resources of the Penokee Range.  That is why I have cosponsored a bipartisan proposal that will accelerate the permitting process, save the state money, give people in Northern Wisconsin and statewide a voice in the permitting process and maintain protections for our waters and wetlands.


“This proposal gives the mining company everything they have publicly said that they want. It is modeled on the proven Minnesota permitting process.  It provides certainty and predictability in the ferrous mining permit process while protecting the public’s right to participate. This proposal protects taxpayers without increasing the overall tax burden for mining companies. It maximizes collaboration with state, federal, tribal and local governments.  It provides training support so that the skilled jobs created by the mine will go to Wisconsin workers, rather than workers brought in from out of state. And it strikes a balance between job creation and environmental regulations, preserving existing environmental policies that protect our natural resources and our way of life.


“The Assembly mining bill isn’t about a mine; it isn’t about jobs.  It’s about corporate special interests trying to overturn the safeguards that protect our natural resources and our democratic rights.  Anyone who supports that bill is kidding themselves if they think it doesn’t weaken safeguards for our wetlands and groundwater.  I would like to know how Assembly Republicans justify dumping mining waste in wetlands and streams as environmental protection.   It’s possible to permit a mine in an expedited way without taking away the voice of the people, without damaging our irreplaceable natural resources, and without shifting costs onto the backs of taxpayers.  Minnesota and Michigan are doing it, and we can do it here too.  If Assembly Republicans want a mine, if they really support job creation, they should join me and my colleagues in supporting this bipartisan proposal.”