Public Hearing Testimony  01.23.13

Frank Koehn, Ashland: 

"This past year and a half has been fairly contentious and divisive. Process has been egregious, to say the least. A lot of discussion about what the Penokees could be. Crux of whole debate centers on why there wasn’
t a hearing in Odanah, WI. All the water flows in the Bad River and all the water ends up in Odanah. I have cris-crossed the state doing presentations on the process of how we’ve come to the conclusion of writing legislation. I can also tell you that for the most part – the stunning fact that I have laid out to the residents of West Bend, Shawano, Waupaca, Stevens Point – when I show them the maps and geology of N. WI and the BR watershed and how all the drainage from this mine goes through that watershed. Whether from the North or South it will all flow through the Mellen gap to the Bad River. People are stunned and we have been oblivious to that fact." — with Frank Koehn at Wisconsin State Capitol.