Senate Mining Committee Announced Today 09.17.2012

September 17th, 2012

Senate Leadership plays more "Mine Games"

The Senate leadership, or more appropriately the lack of leadership, played out once again. Senators Scott Fitzgerald (R) and Mark Miller (D) the chosen leaders of their respective political parties have once again put polluters over people, and are relishing their roles in the Mine Games. Following the footsteps of the bumbling Assembly committee under the rule of Mary Williams, they have finally gotten their act together and put faces on the Senate Mining Committee. One more time politicians have chosen to ignore the reality of the GTac's mining law proposal. Once again the facts will be ignored, the politicians will seek sound bites, proclaim their intent to be open and fair minded and will find a responsible way to allow mining in the Penokees. Simply this is BS. The evidence is in, the facts have been presented, and it can't be done. Rather than face the reality and tell GTac, WMC, the Kochs, Chinese investors and WE are certain other players - NO -Our laws are just fine. Instead they are dancing to the music played by Tim Sullivan and Governor Walker Sullivan's the time lines are too long.

Senator Cullen's claim this committee is not about one project or company is unbelievable. WE do not believe this at all. Press reports are rife with the backroom deals and planning to prepare for the passage of GTac's mining bill early next year. 

Today, the day before the Senate Select Committee is to hold its first hearing, the Senate leadership has announced the members who will serve o the full committee. The full committee will include:

Senator Tim Cullen, Chair (D – Janesville)

Senator Bob Jauch, Vice Chair (D – Poplar

Senator Mary Lazich (R – New Berlin)

Senator Dale Schultz (R – New Richmond)

Senator Jon Erpenbach (D – Middleton)

Senator Jim Holperin (D – Conover)

Senator Glenn Grothman (R – West Bend)

Senator John Lehman (D – Racine)

Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 18th the committee will meet for the first of three scheduled hearings. So far all the hearings will be held Madison and at this point the hearings are limited to testimony from invited speaker only.

Make you calls – Tell the committee members we like our laws. Don’t give GTac the Penokees, the Bad River Watershed, and the authority to ravage the North. No changes – No loopholes, no waivers, no variances!