AB1 and SB1- Opposed by Bad River Ojibwe 01.28.13

Today Tribal leaders of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior continued to express their concerns that a proposed mine in the Penokee Range poses serious risks to people’s health and drinking water and is a threat to the rivers, lakes, wetlands, and other natural resources in the Bad River watershed.

“With a nearly identical companion bills as last session, it is clear that the leadership of the Wisconsin legislature still doesn’t understand that the Penokee Hills cannot be mined without adversely affecting our clean drinking water and our way of life,” said Mike Wiggins Jr, Chairman of the Bad River Band. “AB 1 and SB 1 was obviously written by and for an out-of-state mining company and will be rushed through the legislative process without formal meetings with Tribal leaders, adequate public hearings, or meeting the ten principles we set forth in September 2011 for future changes to Wisconsin’s mining laws. As a people and as a sovereign nation
, the Bad River Band strongly opposes AB 1 and SB 1 and we ask the Wisconsin Legislature to reject this legislation once and for all. ”

“If enacted as introduced, AB 1 and SB 1 will significantly weaken environmental protections applicable to iron mining,” said Glenn Stoddard, an attorney who serves on the legal team representing the Bad River Band on mining issues. Stoddard outlined some of the major problems with the legislation. Changing the law: 
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