meet the trumpets up close and 

Gipper to Groper      commies in charge?   sick, unbalanced or …   the trumpets

 Trump’s Cabinent aka the peeps in charge of corporate ameriKa’s plan to achieve greatness.  Outsiders, insiders, generals, fear mongers, doctors who oppose healthcare and an EPA administrator who wants to close the agency. They love coal mines, deregulation, oil pipelines and most of all Wall Street. Mitch McConnell’s wife, Paul Ryan’s henchman, and a Secretary of State who was awarded a medal by his friend and associate Putin, Russia’s current dictator and the President and “big hog boss” in the Exxon world. DAPL,, KeystoneEnbridge, Line 5 and frac sand will flow again. We fully expect Lake Superior water to become a commodity and we all know Water is Life not a commodity. The Trump Tower counsel is touted as a tuff guy who fights for more deregulation of campaign finance and election laws. Additional positions in the lower level world populated by Trump rejects. Mittens did not even make the reject cut - he was sent packing by  Donald. Chris “Bridgeman” Chistie became a repulsive reject. The Donald’s supporters need not worry, the above referenced crowd will create enough havoc with their efforts to concentrate the flow of money to Wall Street and squander away that which belongs to our children who will depend on that which is deemed to be “Common Property”.

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