The Wisconsin Resources Protection Council - Racism and Resource Colonization: By Al Gedicks

Al Gedicks is a professor at the University of Wisconsin Lacrosse, an author, and an expert on mining in Wisconsin. Al was a consultant to the Mole Lake Nation for many years as Mole Lake fought and eventually won the struggle to prevent the Crandon Mine project from becoming a reality. In addition, Al is a funding member of the Wisconsin Resources Protection Council and currently serves a Executive Director.  Al lead the attempt to stop the Flambeau Mine in Ladysmith, Wisconsin from becoming a source of pollution in the Waters of the Flambeau River. This mine has since been closed and litigation is currently in process. The question is whether or not the mine site is now polluting the Flambeau River as it flows from the Ladysmith MIne site.

As an author and expert on the Ojibwe Treaties and Ceded Territory Al has written extensively about the resouce wars  that have been declared on rural Native communites in the Lake Superior Region. Al has recently written, Resisting Resource Colonialism,  in order to help educate others on the reality of exploitation of resources in the Lake Superior area. His most recent publication, Racism And Resource Colonization, written for The Wisconsin Resources Protection Council provides an upfront an personal story of the recent treaty history in Northern Wisconsin.