Voices from the North

The Voices of the North include powerful, philosophical, and compassionate messages regarding the proposal to begin open pit mining in the Penokee Hills and the threat to the waters in the region. Our friends an neighbors speak from the heart. A welcome change from the most of the "stuff" linked on The Waters Edge Connections 05/14/2011. These are their stories to tell. These are their words  - uncensored and strait forward. Thanks for sharing!

Charlie Ortman explains why he no longer supports GTac's mine Ashland Current 05/27/11

“Why can’t we drink the water? You are older; you must have done it…” Melissa Hellman (Ashland Current) 05/11

No Longer In Support Of Gogebic Taconite Mine... Ashland Current 05/11

No Need To Rush Gogebic Taconite Mine... Bad River Watershed Association (Ashland Current) 05/11

A Measure of a Meeting ...Nick Vander Puy 02/11

A Chill in the Air... Tom Galazen 01/11

Some Questions About Mining The Penokees... Nick Vander Puy (Ashland Current) 01/2011

Penokee Hills Tour...When this all began 07/2006 - Updated 05/ 2008