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Scott Walker, The Wisconsin Mining Association, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, Gogebic Taconite and others will be praising the attribues of AB 426. SWE is concerned that Democartic Senators are more than willing to negotiate the "best deal" and then stand on the side line, wring their hands, and proclaim how well they served the public at the expense of Bad River Watershed. At this time and date, AM 426 is the only legislation on the table. The Senate Mining Committee lead by Senators Tiim Cullen and Bob Jauch are proposing another bill. SWE  expects loopoles, waivers, variances, and expemtions will provide the wiggle room needed to mine and degrade the water. 

This page references this past year and views of AB 426 and its impact on the real world of water and pristine wilderness.

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Wisconsin's Mining Moratorium Law pased in 1997

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