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2016: Michigan to Enbridge: Give us understandable pipeline data

2016: 5-Year Draft Plan Protects Atlantic but Continues to Sacrifice Other Regions

2016: 25 Michigan Communities, Four Tribes Pass a Resolution to Stop the Oil Flowing through Enbridge’s Line 5 Pipelines in the Mackinac Straits

Life cycle of an Enbridge pipeline -  Say What? Ya gotta be kiddin’ me

 2016: TransCanada shuts down Keystone pipeline after oil spill in South Dakota

2015: Straits oil pipeline protest, study panel coincide with Mackinac conference

2015: Line 5 drill: Enbridge blankets Straits of Mackinac with spill practice

2014: Enbridge shuts oil pipeline to U.S. after spill in Canada

2013: Worst-Case Scenario for Oil Sands Industry Has Come to Life, Leaked Document Shows

2013: Tar Sands - The Undercover Reports from Rolling Stone


2012: Enbridge slammed for “Keystone Cop" response to Michigan oil spill

2012: Enbridge oilsands pipeline’s economic damage could exceed $100 billion

2012: Enbridge oil spill in Wisconsin makes it the 806th since 1999

2010: Enbridge’s Quiet $765 Million Oil Spill