Feb. 24, 2015 Dear Cathy….

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Email to Cathy Stepp, WI-DNR Secretary

Good Afternoon Secretary Stepp:

Another cold, windy, and crisp day along the shores of Lake Superior For many of us this is how winter should be and for others it leads to more longing for spring. In addition to this weather report, I do have the following questions:

1.How many CAFO or CAFO like operations have contacted your office seeking permits to establish large hog/cattle/dairy/poultry facilities which will be "confined' animal operations in Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas, and Iron Counties? 

2. As your department appears to be struggling with fewer employees and reorganization how will the need for CAFO inspections and monitoring be addressed?

3. Who is the contact person for future questions regarding the operation of these factory farms? What are the educational requirements for these positions?

4. Who does the inspection of these factory farms and how often are these inspections completed?

5. Who reviews these inspection reports?

If answers to these questions are available on the WI DNR website, feel free to Email the website(s) or please forward this Email to the appropriate staff.


Thank you