CAFOs— A regional threat to health, harmony and the economy - Cheap Pork is not worth the Price!!

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Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior ChippewaEIS Scoping Comments     Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa EIS Scoping Comments     

Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission EIS Scoping Comments     Large Scale Manure Farms Threaten Chequamegon Bay and Lake Superior

 - These maps were prepared by a very special friends who love the woods, water and wilderness. Thank you!

May 2017 - CONCENTRATED ANIMAL FEEDING OPERATIONS                                                                      


Badgerwood and the Wetlands

Properties Affiliated with Dale Reicks and Massive Fish Kills Since 1988

Compare the locations of CAFO's and other farming operations in association with Dale Reicks to locations of massive fish die offs. Clicking on any feature of the map loads feature info on the lower left corner of the screen, including the total number of fish killed in each event and the date. Information from Iowa DNR and Iowa DOT.

 Air Quality - A major threat to regional health and harmony

Contrary to what a very few confused, uniformed or simply  ignorant fools want to deny as fact,  piggy poop stinks - and stinks really bad. These stinky little molecules stick to clothing, hair and float through air propelled by wind. The questions that have remained unanswered include: How far do these microscopic stink bombs travel? Will the airport, golf course, and residences in the area be affected? How about the village of Mason? And what might be impact on local business. Will Reicks proposed piggy factory consisting of thousands and thousands of pigs, big and small, destroy area tourism, hunting, fishing, and hiking opportunities? Three trips to Iowa and visits a family farm and factory farm - factory farms stink. Family farms  pigs do not live above cess pools, these pifggies have access to sun and the out of doors. Factory farms -  The pigs are doomed to captivity for life and except for a very  “rare Moment of Grace” to these creatures see sunlight. Pork factories rely on cheap meat - cheap meat comes at a cheap price - cheap price requires expensive vets and drugs - cheap price means cheap feed and all this rigamonro is devestating to the water - water that is needed for crops, animals, manure waste, and production wastes. Concerns for the water are well documented and substantiated. Water is Life. Water is precious. 

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Real Pig Farming Blog

Wisconsin Pork Producers

ISU Extension Iowa Pork Industry Center

Iowa Pork (FB Page)

Money vs. stink: S.D. push for huge feedlots

Wisconsin Farmers Feed US (FB Page)

Pathogens and Potential Risks Related to Livestock or Poultry Manure

……. the stink wars are not going to end anytime soon.

OFFSET odor from feedlots setback estimation tool (U of M Extension)

….as the industry has a stranglehold on state legislatures,……….. "The only way to get their attention is to go after their profits."

"You hold your breath and when it's really bad you get the taste in your mouth,

Bob Watson - Events  FB Intoduction

Civilized and Inclusive: Politics and Policies for Humans - Bob Watson’ Webpage

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Sept. 13, 2015  DNR Fish Advisories on line

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August 24, 2015

Public comment on CAFO period is open: Contact DNR and share your thoughts

Proposal to Bayfield County Board from “Farms Not Factories” RE: Proposed Byafield County Large-Scale Bayfield County Large-Scale Confined Animal Feeding Operation Ordinance

Apostle Islands National Lake Shore News Release - Tourism creates $54,000,000 IN Economic Benefits

Apostle Islands Study Release: Amenity-Supported Local Economic Vitality and the Apostle Islands and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshores on Lake Superior

Slide Show: Farms Not Factories Badgerwood 101 - What you need to know about the proposed manure factory

Aug. 27 The Bayfield County Large-Scale Livestock Study Committee Presentation Series continues this coming Thursday evening (Aug 27 at 6:00 PM) at the Great Lakes Visitor’s Center with a presentation on air quality risks associated with livestock operations. The event is free and open to the public

Aug. 22 Not confident in CAFO facility Sarah Martines tells it like it is 

Aug. 20 The EPA Doesn’t Know How to Deal With 300 Million Tons of Animal Poop - The EPA delays promised rules to control the waste

Aug 19 We are on the brink of destroying our life as we know it.

Aug.17 Newsmakers: Cathy Stepp, Secretary - WI Department of Natural Resources

Aug. 10 Farmers, feedlots chafe at consumer demands for change

May 30 As Factory Farms Spread, Government Efforts to Curb Threat From Livestock Waste Bog Down 

August 3. 2015 

Aug 3 (Posted) The Economics of CAFOs & Sustainable Alternatives[i] by John Ikerd

Aug. 3 Idaho “Ag-Gag” Law Ruled Unconstitutional in Federal Court Hopefully this is the first step  to dismantling hte power or the National Pork Board and all the piglets such as the Iowa Pork Producers Association and their wiskonsin friends

July 30 The Case For Buying Meat From Farmers

July 30 Stink IN reports FOX 21 News Duluth, MN

July 29 Miscellaneous Facts and Figures about MANURE

July 29 Critics Question DNR's Reorganization Plan

July 28 Kewaunee County in WI (about 15 miles north of Green Bay) recently the WI DNR put a 3rd river/watershed on the EPA list of impaired waters

July 28 DNR environmental arm to be shifted to unit intended to assist businesses

July 24 Meet Your Bacon: Footage of Pigs In Transport Truck Goes Viral - 

July 24 Factory Farm Runoff Is Polluting Lake Erie, But CAFO Sewers Are Not the Answer

July 29th Ashland, Wisconsin 6:30 at the Bandshell on the Lakefront - Learn about Factory Pig Farms and the threat to our water.

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What is a “Stink In”? Contact Carl Doersch

July 29 Ashland WI “Stink In” at the bandshell

July 29 Stink-In for the Chequamegon Bay and Lake Superior Facebook Page

July 23 DNR proposes expanding list of projects that don’t require environmental analysis Will PIG FACTORIES GET A FREE RIDE?

July 8 Bacon is about to become more expensive

June 30 City of Ashland passes Healthy Lives, Healthy Economy, Healthy Water Rseolution

June 26 National Pork Producers Board gets letter from Iowa Farmer Points out four rules the NPPB needs to study

April 28 A CAFO Gathering in Benoit

April 8 One Moment of Grace - Tronto Pig Save Video

April 7 Cowspiracy: As California Faces Drought, Film Links Meat Industry to Water Scarcity & Climate Change

April 3 This 3-minute video explains how public health will be impacted by the Lake Superior pig factory.

Feb. 14 How 5 billion gallons of pig manure per year are poisoning Iowa’s drinking water (Older and interesting article.)

April 8 Wisconsin Citizen Groups Demand Investigation of Drinking Water Contamination from Factory Dairy

April 8 Kinnard Farms disputes pollution accusations

April 4 Vegan diet best for planet (Factory farmers do we relly need your pollution, threat to water, water wasted on manure?

Feb. 24 Letter to DNR Secretary Cathey Stepp re: CAFOs and Cathy’s response on March 23.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 8.26.14 PM

April 28 - A CAFO Gathering at the Avalon  7:00 - 8:30

April 9 Mittens and Rubio endorsed the winner  U.S. Senate hopeful in Iowa hogs victory in GOP primary on pig castration platform

Fish Creek Partnership people working for cleaner water:  Considering Large Scale Livestock New Environmental Issue for Bayfield and Ashland counties

Swinecast - 2015 Iowa Pork Congress - Audio

Iowa Park Producers The official publication of the Iowa Pork Producers Association

April 4 Common Property Amendment – Amend the Us Constitution Now! (Repost)

April 3 Wood County Family Threatened for Opposing Proposed Factory Farm

April 1 Farmers vow to reduce phosphorus, bane of Green Bay

April 1 Pollutants likely to create longest dead zone yet in Green Bay

March 23 Des Moines water utility launches legal fight to regulate farm drainage

March 2 Letter from Iowa Pork Producer Tom Franzten to National Pork Producers asking this Board, “What are you going to tell your grandchildren?”

Feb. 18 Water, air quality concerns heighten pig farm conflicts

Feb. 16 Water, air quality concerns heighten conflict with pig farms

Feb. 14 CAFOs - The Promise of Prosperity Versus the Ugly Truth

Feb. 2 Environmental Groups Sue EPA Over CAFO Violations

Jan. 30 Report details CAFO pollution

Jan. 23 A Tale of Two Counties - Lake Superior’s water are under threat form Iowa Factory Pig Operation

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 10.50.18 PM

Mar 25 The last state standing against corporate farming weighs a change

Badgerwood LLC Human Manure Equivalents -  Either a sewage treaatment plant or go bak to Iowa are the only resonable A or B

Mar 27 Northalnd College Ashland -  “Sig O” Institute/Chequamegon Bay Partnership Project call for an EIS for the Reick’s Badgerwood LLC Development

Mar 25 Hurley, WI Iron County Commission recommends temporary CAFO moratorium

Map of Rieck’s Iowa affiitations with “cafo” facilities

City of Ashland’s Fish Creek Wateshed Restoration and Management Plan

Mar 9 Washburn City Council Resolution 15-003 Requesting Byfield County Board Adopt more Stringent Sagequards….

Fish Creek Partnership - Focus on Wetlands: Chequamegon Area Partnership Project

Mar 25, Houston County sand storm continues as citizens resist board’s loss of courage

Feb 26 Supervisors deny application for hog confinement, but will it matter? Concerns raised about Goldbrook LLC under the managemnt of Reicks View Farm, has rasied concerns for the water, a marshland. Area is also prone to flooding. IOWA

Feb, 2015  Final WPDES Permit Application

FEB. 2015 Engineering Report Badgerwood, LLC Hog Facility

Jan. 24 How China purchased a prime cut of America’s pork Indusrty

Jan. 2015 Badgerwood, LLC 243 Nutrient Management Plan

Jan 15 Rome, WI - Tri-Lakes to monitor creek for CAFO (fractory farm) effects

Feb. 2014 How China Became the World’s Largest Pork Producer

Aug. 12, 2013 Pig Confinement Technology Risks Deadly Fires

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 1.49.12 PM

March 22, CAFO Upate

Mar 24 - Iron County Posting: Zoning Committee Meeting to amendment IC Ordinances by establsihing a moratorium on factory Piggy Farms 

March 16 - Town of Bayfield, Bayfield County Wisconsin

March 15 -  Five Door County Towns Pass Manure Spraying Ban

March 13 - More Northern Counties Consider Moratoriums On Large-Scale Farms

March 10 - Town of Bayview, Bayfield County, Wisconsin

March 10 - Toxic manure lagoons stir battle over Chinese-owned pigs in the US  Will this be our future?

March 10 - The firght to Save Green Lake, Wisconsin

March 10 Clean Air Clean Water Shirts - The challenge to Wysocki Farms need help - Portage County Wisconsin

Feb 24 - 2014 Hog Wild: Factory Farms are Poisoning Iowa's Drinking Water

May 29 - 2014 Pigs Fly out of Truck in Iowa City, Create Mess

Nov. 25 - 2014 November 25, 2014 After criticizing judge, DNR secretary declines to ‘correct’ ruling on Kewaunee dairy water permit (Madison law firm Michael Best & Friedrich represented Kinnard Farms  - read this article from the Isthmus.


Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 10.12.20 PM

March 8 2015 Whats in the factory farm News Updates

State of Iowa China Representative Office

CAFO/Reicks View Farms on the Web

Mar 08, Far northwest Wis. residents wrestle with proposed hog facility - Published January 27, 2015

Mar, 03

Mar 02, 2015 Ashland Mayor Wants Environmental Impact Statement of Proposed Industrial Farm in Bayfield Co

February 2015

Feb 24 A Q&A with Reicks View Farms representatives

Feb 26 Supervisors deny application for hog confinement, but will it matter? IOWA

Feb 23 They Dump It; You Drink It: CAFOs IOWA

Feb 19 One-year livestock facilities licensing moratorium enacted in Bayfield County

Feb 19 Bayfield County board backs moratorium on concentrated animal feeding operations

Feb. 16-19th Commentary: Visit to New Hampton area 

Feb 16 Water, air quality concerns heighten conflict with pig farms  DES MOINES IOWA

Feb 24 Email to Cathy Stepp

Feb 19 One-year livestock facilities licensing moratorium enacted in Bayfield County

Feb. 13 Reicks View Farm rep addresses Bayfield County officials

January 2015

Jan 30 A Pig Factory Farm for Bayfield County?

Jan 30 Groups Sue EPA Over Failure To Regulate Emissions From Factory Farms

Jan 28 Bayfield County residents ask if board members are doing enough?

Jan 27 Bayfield County Residents Protest Against Large Hog Farm Proposal 

Jan 26 Tour of Reicks View Farm answers some questions, but not all

Jan 23 Iowan hog farm's move to Bayfield meets opposition

Jan 16 Wisconsin Abandoning Great Lakes to Big Ag Pollution and Deadly Pathogens

Jan 9 Public Bashes Proposed Factory Swine Farm at Bayfield County Hearing

Jan 9 CAFO Application raises conerns in Bayfield County

Jan 6 Iowa officially has a new senator in office, for the first time in 30 years

December  2014

Dec. 29 Visit to Lawler/New Hampton Iowa

Dec. 27  First visit to Reicks View Farm - Lawler/Jericho/New Hampton Iowa

Dec 14, Proposed Liquid Pig Manure in Lake Superior Spurs Opposition

September 2014

Sept 12 A Watershed Moment: Algae blooms and their toxic fallout (Lake Erie)


May 30, 2013 Large Livestock Farms Spread Across Iowa, Threatening Waterways

July 21, 2013 Groundwater war pits Wisconsin farms against fish Plainfield Wisconsin

Mar 14 - 2013 China's Dead-Hog Scandal Is Gross—But So Is the Hog Feces in US Waterways