Dec. 30th  2012 SWE Updates

12.27.28 Is NWRPC has an opportunity to a difference! WE Editorial

12.25.12  Does Northwest Regional Planning Commission want their cut of the mine profits?

12,24,12 Flash Mob In Ashland at Wal Mart

12.22.12 Tom Tiffany (R Hazelhurst) ) Invited  to Bad River and responds: I'm a busy man!

12,22,12   Response to Senate Select Committer Release  (

12.21.12 (Posted) The Question of Mineral Rights Woods Person Blog

12.17.12 Minnesota Appeals Court Backs Wild Rice Standard

12.15.12 Letter to Gov. Walker from a Penokee's Hillbilly.....

12.14.12 (Posted) The Tar Sands Story

12.14.12 Bob Jauch tells us newly elected Tom Tiffany acts "more like the Ayatollah than a public official

12.14.12  Public Service Announcement by First Nations Warrior Society

12.14.12 Sign Face Book I Stand with the Bad River Nation

12.14.12 (Posted Date) No Signs Iron Ore Body is Leaving WI Letter to Gov. Walker 

12.13.12 To Mine or Not to Mine ? Isthmus Daily Page

12.13.12 DNR Closes Enforcement Conferences To Public 

12.12.12 Samson Cree Nation to launch blockade in support of IdleNoMore and Attawapiskat chief’s Hunger Strike

12.12.12 Former mining executive Tim Sullivan plays a controversial role in Wisconsin legislature deliberations 

12.07.12......“Ultimately, what we’ve done in this committee is demonstrated good government.” ( Editor's note: At the very best this is an overstatement -This whole process has been an example of what happens when money, lobbyiss, and political power go over the edge. WE fail to see  a demonstration of good government.)

12.05.12 Top Mining Official (Tim Sullivan)  accused of conflict of interest.

12.04.12 Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature Passes Resolution in Opposition to Frac Sand Mining

11.30.12 Wisconsin Senate committee discusses Mining Wisconsin Public Radio Report

11.29.12 Senate Mining Committee pics and reports. View Beher-Dolbear's "study" and recommendations - (Lobby Money at Work)Legislators in the News 11.12 to the present

Lobbyists at work 11.12 - Present