Tiffany invited to Bad River  -  Says he is a busy man 12.22.12

(Editors note: Tiffiany has time to visit Mellen and Hurley and has no time to visit Bad River. One has to wonder why? What is the reason? He does have time for the the WMC and the WMA as the visited their lords of Wall Street - Caterpillar.)

Penokee Hills Education Project organizer Pete Rasmussen met with Senator elect Tom Tiffany an extended this invitation to visit Bad River Ojibwe Nation. 

All of the water that would run off a mountain top removal disaster in the Penokees would run through Copper Falls State Park. The water would then go directly through the Bad River Reservation on its way to the Kakagen and Bad River sloughs at Lake Superior. Three quarters of this proposed mine is in Ashland County. There has not been a single hearing in Ashland County or Bad River. I asked Rep. Tiffany personally yesterday to come to Bad River for a public meeting sponsored by the Penokee Hills Education Project, so the people most affected could ask questions of the bill he wrote with the company (Cline) and W.M.C. He said he was a busy man. I pointed out that he wasn't to busy to join W.M.C. and the Wi Mining Assc. for a tour of Caterpillar a few weeks ago. It's pretty clear who he is working for. 

"In an age when man has forgotten his origins and is blind even to his most essential needs for survival, water along with other resources has become the victim of his indifference" - Rachel Carson