Lake Superior at Risk - National Pork Board, Iowa Pork Lobbyists, and Wisconsin’s Republicans threaten our Waters

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Not only has the Pork Industry threatened out wetlands and Lake Superior, rural communities, the drinking water supply for the largest city in the area, is threatened. Recreation areas, community events, parks, campgrounds, beaches, golf courses, and yes even the Apostle Islands will suffer. The multi million-dollar tourism industry is no compatible with pig manure fouling the air and water. The National Pork Board is more interested in foreign markets than the need for water. This is a home land security issue and we stand to suffer for a small group of rich investors who are more interested in overseas markets and producing cheap pork, than nurturing and caring for jewel of the Great Lakes, Superior. Shame on this industry and the politicians who pander to their lobby and money at the expense of fresh water - Thanks to a special friends who deeply care about woods, water, wilderness, and future generations who will need the gift of fresh water. Thank you! 

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