Penokee Gems

WE expect Governor Walker, Senator Dale Schultz, the Ashland Daily Press Editorials , Ashland County and Iron County Economic Development councils to follow the example of Penokee-O and express the same skepticism when questions are asked about mining the Penokee Hills.  Senator Schultz's enthusiasm for mining the Penokees is matched by Walker and Us Senator Ron Johnson, Add to this mix of higher-ups the promise of glitter and gold from mining moguls; the threat to the Penokees has to be taken seriously. As town and county boards, and economic development councils are seduced by the same talk of riches, jobs, and selling new cars; the risk to the Penokee Hills must be taken very seriously. Now the added threat of huge cuts in funding for kids, schools, health care and other social programs that have become the backbone of a progressive state; this threat to the Penokee Hills is critical. Local editorials join the unholy alliance by providing editorials, which are seemingly based on company press releases; the threat becomes a recipe for disaster. Expounding on the virtues of assaulting the Penokee Hills as tax relief in simply ridiculous. As pictures often speak more than words these are the often-unseen fantastic resources that may well be in harms way. Before additional permits are granted, the requirement must be to present pans to the public addressing how Zero Discharge will be addressed.