Representative Mursau Responds 02/04/11

 Rep.Mursau <> Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 10:22 AM

To: Frank Koehn <>

Mr. Koehn,

Thank you for your patience waiting for an answer from this office.

I believe most members of the Wisconsin State Legislature are interested

in the streamlining of the DNR permitting process in general. I know

Representative Mursau and Senator Kedzie are.

I am not aware of legislators who are supporting the expansion of iron

ore mining in Wisconsin, though I know Rep. Mursau is interested in the


       No lobbyists from WMC have indicated to me they are interested in this

topic. I believe WMC has many occupationally diverse members. They may

or may not be in the business of mining, I do not know.

        I am unaware of any mining lobbyists who are contacting Assembly members

of the legislature. That does not mean they are not doing so, just that

I am unaware as no lobbyist has contacted this office and neither has

any other member of the Assembly or Senate spoken to us about mining

other than Rep. Milroy in a less than substantive conversation (he was

making us aware the topic might come up this legislative session).

I hope this answers your questions.Tim Gary

Wisconsin State Assembly

Office of Representative Jeff Mursau

36th Assembly District, Research Assistant

Committee on Natural Resources, Clerk

Committee on Forestry, Clerk

PO Box 8952

Madison, WI 53708-8952

(608) 266-3780


Representative Mursau,

Good evening:

Representative Janet Bewley suggested I contact regarding a questions

I emailed to her. The questions that were asked include:


I am interested in knowing the names of the Assembly persons who are

supporting the following:

1. Streamlining the DNR permit process

2. Those who are supporting the expansion of iron ore mining in

Wisconsin, specifically in the Penokee hills region

In addition I am attempting to learn the names of the lobbyists who:

 - may have contacted you that represent the mining interests

 - lobbyists from Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce who are

supporting expanding iron ore mining or streamling the permit process

- are contacting your cohorts in the Assembly.

Representative Bewely was not very helpful and I hope you may be able

to be offer more help or other suggestions as to legislative contacts.

This request is to gather background information for an article which

will be published on the news website, which is

providing information regarding the Penokee Hills mining project.


Frank K. Koehn