Over the past years the Northwood’s community has always come together to Protect the Earth. A walk to Madison during Wisconsin's Susquetenial year was completed. Led by Walt Bresette, Red Cliff, WI, and Frank Koehn, Herbster, WI, walk traveled Highway 13 from the Sacred Sites North of Red Cliff to the not so sacred sire of Madison, WI. This walk culminated with a gathering at the State Capitol. Another journey carried an Eagle Feather throughout Wisconsin. The journey began in Superior, Wisconsin and followed a circuitous route throughout Wisconsin

1985 Lake Superior Green Party formed on the steps of Grunekes’ Restaurant in Bayfield Wisconsin, on July 4th, 1985

1987 Ashland Boycott Treaty Dollars were passed out. The boycott was in response to the Ashland City Council Resolution

1998 Journey to Madison

1999 KKK rally disrupted by organizing a Peace and Justice gathering at a city park in Ironwood, Wisconsin. Klan sent back to their sinister little world.

1996Train Blockade – Prevented the shipment of sulphric acid over unsafe tracks through Ashland and Iron County to White Pine, Michigan

First Protect the Earth Rally held din Mole Lake Wisconsin. Over the following years the PTE was held in Ladysmith, La Court Oreilles Reservation, Lac Du Flambeau Reservation, and again in Mole Lake. The PTE rallies ended in Wisconsin when the Mole Lake mining

 1986 Organized Witness’s for Nonviolence

1988 Support Treaty Walk in Minoqua Wisconsin – Ice was thrown at us, fingers were thrust high, and the treatment by racists in Minocqua was egregious.

Ashland Superfund Site announced by EPA. Coal Tar pollution determined to be a health hazard.

2000 A Journey to Remember, Walk Around Lake Superior

2008, 2009, 2010 and present: The Protect the Earth rally reconvened in Marquette, Michigan to Save Eagle Rock and Protect the Water of Lake Superior and preserve the Yellow Dog Plains.  A camp has been established nearby to provide a vigilant observation of Kennecott and Rio Tinto’s devastation of the area.


2010 – A Walk to Remember revisited: A drive around Lake Superior to remember and celebrate the walk ten years ago.


2010 Protection of the Penokee Hills from the iron ore mining companies.