from the Gipper to the Groper 

..Gipper to Groper                 Commies in the White House or is it Trump Tower 2            the trump-pets             meet the trump-pets up close…      Steve K. Bannon     Tracking Donald

                                                                                        sick, unbalanced, mentally ill, whacked out, ego manic, or just plain nuts….

from the Gipper on to the Groper - corporate ameriKa comes of age

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The donald’s mouth has run rampant for the longer than many care to admit. His behavior and rants need to be challenged and questioned: is he a commie or commie sympathizer, is he sane, sick, unbalanced or just plain nuts? Will the of the  bizarre collection of trump-pets soon to imported to the White House or Trump House control his ego? Or will they succumb to his manipulation to promote their radical, right wing agenda promoting their gods and ideologies, including ignoring discussions of global warming, promoting sand fracking, oil pipes snaking across and through the waterways in their new corporate ameriKa. The middle class will so become the no class. Expect the minimum wage reman below the poverty - health education, retirement, benefits and social justice and responsibility - these are soon to replaced by a cruel little rich punk ridicules warriors and others. Disgusting behavior ignored by the trump-pets and embraced by the pathetic lot who supported him, financed his agenda, and worked hard to replace the White House with Trump Tower and all the trump towers scarring the landscape world wide.  that will destroy the middle class and further marginalize those who need a helping hand? Has this arrogant smart mouth successfully surrounded himself with the hordes of rich and dangerous? The donald understands very well that the new corporate ameriKa depends on keeping his coalition of trump-pets under control. America has been ruled by a minority of the majority for the past couple of hundred years. System worked well for the rich white privileged class and the rest struggled along. The donald understands this dynamic very well and has used it to his fullest advantage. Healthcare, social security. medicare, are targets of these characters. Peeps who have all the privileges. wealth, control, and live lavishly at the expense of the working class. Respect, diginity, compassion, and empathy are no longer ideals that have a place in the new corporate ameriKa.

Tracking donald’s first days………..