A Walk to Remember

The “Walk To Remember” was a huge success! Friendships developed and the commitment to saving the lake and the region was affirmed and reaffirmed in lodges, city halls, mainstreets, back roads, sidewalks, and dusty paths. We all learned that standing side by side in a good way and asking the spirits to guide us will keep us strong and our lakes, homes, rivers, and forests will be protected!

PHOTOS TAKEN ON THE WALK. (At this time these are not organized. A big thanks to Amoose for the photos. If you have additional photos you would like to share, contact savethewatersedge.com.

 A Walk to Remember 

"Sacred journey around Lake Superior"

Frank K. Koehn, July 3, 2000

The Walk to Remember is a sacred journey around Lake Superior to bring forth community visions to protect the air, land and water for the Seven Generations yet to come. A group of nearly 50 people set out in the past week from the Bad River Chippewa Reservation in Odanah, Wisconsin.

Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world. For many people, it is an important source of food, livelihood and drinking water. Lake Superior is also an important part of the spirituality of the Anishinabeg as passed down by our ancestors and oral histories. It is now threatened due to contamination, global warming caused by over-development, and a growing, global water crisis that further threatens the sanctity of its waters and many life forms that depend on it, including, people.


"A Walk To Remember" is a journey around Lake Superior that is being coordinated by a group of people from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ontario, and Michigan. The idea was born out of a gathering in Sault Ste. Marie, in April of 1999, when Native and Non-Native people met to discuss issues pertaining to the Great Lakes. This walk, this journey, is the result of people's dreams and visions that were brought forward at this meeting. It is also an effort to carry out the visions concerning the connections between Great Lakes sustainability and what Native People's spirituality, culture, and sovereignty, have to offer for its future, as voiced by the late activist, Walt Bresette, a Lake Superior Chippewa from the Red Cliff Reservation, in northern Wisconsin, who passed away in February of 1999. "We need to bring all the people of Lake Superior together," he often said. "We need to talk to each other about what is happening in our villages and our communities, to share our experiences, our concerns, and our hopes for the future. We need to meet our neighbors and learn from them."

This summer’s 1200-mile journey began on the south shore of Lake Superior at Waverly Beach on the Bad River Reservation at sunrise on June 28, 2000. It then continues on to the Fourth of July Pow-Wow at the Red Cliff Reservation. The journey will end full-circle at the Bad River Pow-Wow in late August.

This walk is also a spiritual journey, a pilgrimage, a healing journey, to undo some of the damage done to Mother Earth and her waters, and to bring healing to her people by communicating and listening to one another.

Enroute we will seek to meet and learn from all who know and understand the waters, beaches, forests, hills, routes, commerce, communities, and spirit of the lake. It will be a journey that transcends the notions of borders and boundaries. We will seek to bring people together in a common community of sharing and insight. We will make note of what we hear, see and feel. We will conscientiously carry what we learn and share it with each new person and every community that we visit. Almost simultaneously, "A Walk To Remember" will be reproduced on the Internet to share the sights, sounds and ideas from Lake Superior to the rest of the world.


As the journey progresses around the lake, some common stories and themes will emerge. By late summer, after every village and community has been visited, and all who have wanted to be heard have been heard the walk will end, where it began, on the Bad River Reservation. The journey will carry back many common stories, themes, purposes, concerns, and visions that will have been revealed and carried forward.


It is hoped that from the walk, a set of common principles, commitments and standards can be realized towards a common vision that ensures all that is special about Lake Superior will be protected and nurtured for present and future generations. Please join us on this once in a lifetime journey for the Seven Generations yet to come.

Frequently asked questions:

HOW LONG IS THIS JOURNEY? About 1,200 miles

 CAN FOLKS JOIN FOR PART OF THE WALK? Absolutely! Join us for a block, a mile, a day or longer. Or stop for a visit or wave as we go by. What TO BRING? Come self-contained for the distance of your journey, plus anything that you can contribute to the rest of the fellow travelers. Bring "mole skin" foot patches for blisters, bring rain gear. Bring food to share, bring drinking water and a tent. Bring dry firewood, bring flashlights and matches. Bring a good spirit and a willing heart.

HOW FEROCIOUS ARE THE BUGS? Bugs may be ferocious on some parts of the walk. Bring along repellent.

WHERE WILL WE SLEEP? For the most part we will sleep in tents. There may be the occasional opportunity to sleep in doors depending on how many offers we receive.

WHAT ABOUT FOOD? We plan to have soup, rice, and noodles available each night at our campsites. Along the way there are feasts and picnics planned. It will be helpful if you can bring along food that can be shared.

WILL THERE BE SUPPORT VEHICLES? Anyone who can offer his or her services and/or vehicle for support will be appreciated.

WHERE DO WE NEED HELP? On the northern leg of the walk across Canada.

WHAT ELSE? Water, food, rain gear, tent and chocolate.

The walkers left Waverly Beach on the Bad River Reservation at sunrise on June 29th and then headed toward Ashland, Washburn, Bayfield and on to the Red Cliff Reservation. Some people stayed at the Red Cliff Pow Wow for two days, June 1st and 2nd, to participate, but others are moved on towards Duluth. From Duluth we will walk to Thunder Bay. From Thunder Bay to the Soo and then back to Bad River in time for the Bad River Pow-Wow held in Odanah, Wisconsin.


Schedule for "A walk To Remember":

A sacred journey around Lake Superior to bring

forth community visions to protect the air, land,

and water for Seven Generations yet to come.

June 29 The "Walk to Remember will begin at sunrise near Odanah, WI (at Waverly Beach) on August 29, 2000. From Odanah we will walk to Red Cliff WI, following Highway 2 and 13. The annual Red Cliff Pow-Wow will be held during this weekend. Some of the walkers will stay in Red cliff for the Pow-Wow and others will leave the next morning and continue the journey.

June 30 Leave Red Cliff at sunrise and continue Herbster, WI. Tom Hastings has offered his yard as a place to camp. Tom's home is located on Highway 13 Superior and Duluth. This site will be used for a couple of sites if needed

July 1 Walkers will leave Tom's and return to Herbster, WI and walk to Tom's. (Some walkers may want to drive back to Red Cliff for the Pow-Wow for part of the day.)

July 2 Leave Tom's and continue on to Superior WI. (In Superior and Duluth we will walk as close to the lake as safety permits. We may need to drive over St Louis River. (Walkers may camp at Tom's or at a location in the Duluth/Superior area.)

July 3 Leave Superior WI and walk thorough Duluth MN. The exact route will be decided the day before so consideration can be given to the weather, traffics, etc (Camp at Tom's or in the Duluth/Superior area)

July 4 Leave from Duluth MN and walk to Knife River. (Camping arrangements TBA)

July 5 Leave Knife River and walk to Gooseberry Falls. (Camping arrangements TBA)

July 6 Leave Gooseberry Falls and walk to Illgen City MN. (Camping arrangements TBA)

July 7 Leave Illgen City MN and walk to Temperance River. (Camping arrangements TBA.)

July 8 Leave Temperance River, and walk to Grand Marais MN. (Camping arrangements TBA)

July 9 Leave Grand Marais MN and walk to Hoveland MN. (Camping arrangements TBA)

July 10 Leave Hoveland MN and walk to Grand Portage MN. (Camping arrangements TBA)

July 11 Leave Grand Marais MN and walk to Pigeon River US - Canada Border. (Camping arrangements (TBA)

July 12 Leave Pigeon River and walk to Crooks CA (Camping arrangements TBA)

July 13 Leave Crooks CA and walk to Moose Hill CA (Camping arrangements TBA)

July 14 Leave Moose Hill CA and Arrive in Thunder Bay CA. (Camping arrangements TBA)

July 15 Thunder Bay check gear and review the journey through Canada.

All camping arrangements will be TBA on route. This schedule is also subject to change due to weather and road/walking conditions.

July 16 Leave Thunder Bay CA arrive Silver Harbour CA

July 17 Leave Silver Harbour CA arrive Loon CA

July 18 Leave Loon CA arrive Dorion CA

July 19 Leave Dorion CA arrive Nipigon CA

July 20 Leave Nipigon arrive Jackpine River

July 21 Leave Jackpine River arrive Gravel CA

July 22 Leave Gravel CA arrive Schreiber CA

July 23 Leave Schreiber CA arrive Terrance Bay

July 24 Leave Terrance Bay arrive north of Jackfish Bay

July 25 Leave Jackfish Bay CA arrive Ripple CA

July 26 Leave Ripple CA arrive Coldwell CA

July 27 Leave Coldwell CA arrive Marathon CA

July 28 Leave Marathon CA arrive Hemb CA

July 29 Leave Hemb CA arrive White Lake

July 30 Leave White Lake CA arrive White River

July 30 Leave White River CA arrive Obatanga Provincial Park

July 31 Leave Obatanga Provincial Park arrive half way between the park and Wawa

August 1 Arrive in Wawa CA

August 2 Leave Wawa CA arrive near Brule Hill

August 3 Leave near Brule Hill walk south towards Montreal River Harbour CA

August 4th Continue south arrive in Montreal River Harbour CA

August 5 Leave Montreal River Harbour CA arrive Pancake Bay Provincial Park

August 6 Pancake Bay CA to Trans Canada Highway

August 7 Trans Canada Highway to Sault Ste. Marie CA

August 8 Sault Ste. Marie CA south to Highway 28 continue west on Highway 28

August 9 Continue west on Highway 28

August 10 Continue west on Highway 28 arrive McMillen MI

August 11 Leave McMillen MI arrive west of Seney MI

August 12 Leave Seney MI arrive Shingleton MI

August 13 Continue west and arrive in Au Train MI

August 14 Leave Au Train MI arrive Harvey MI

August 15 Leave Harvey arrive arrive Marquette MI

August 16 Leave Marquette MI arrive Ishpeming MI

August 17 Leave Ishpeming MI arrive Van Riper Sate Park

August 18 Continue west on Highway 28

August 19 Arrive Coventington MI

August 20 Leave Covenington MI arrive Kenton MI

August 21 Leave Kenton MI arrive Ewen MI

August 22 Leave Ewing MI arrive Bergland MI

August 23 Leave Bergland MI arrive Wakefield Mi

August 24 Leave Wakefield MI arrive Ironwood MI

August 25 Leave Ironwood MI arrive Saxon WI

August 26 Leave Saxon WI arrive in Odanah WI for the pow-wow.