Dane’s Back - hopefully this is a wiser and smarter Mr. Deustch!

I will work tirelessly to return good paying, family‐supporting jobs to the 25th Senate District, and mining the iron ore deposit located on the Gogebic Range is just the vehicle to do it,” - Deutsch also said that he would help Gogebic Taconite, LLC as the company works through the state's permitting process


09.21.10 Deutsch Announces Support of Gogebic Taconite

First questions for you:

1. Do you stand by these statements made September 21, 2010? If not, what are your thoughts about the mine now? If you do stand by these statements please explain why after the behavior of the company and the contempt that oozed from the Republicans legislators when confronted by the public is shameful public hearings.

2. Will you accept money from the bros Koch, AFP, or GTac?  

3. Will ask Gtac to share core samples, rock samples, and water samples with the Department of Natural Resources and the Great Lakes Indian fish and Wildlife Commission? 

4. How does your Republican world view differ from that of Taconite Tom Tiffany, Glenn Grothman, Scott and Scotty Walker? 

5. Will you follow in the footsteps of Senators Luther O, Mike Ellis, and Bobby Cowles and ignore the asbestos found in the Penokees and pull the plug on Chris Cline’s operatives? 

6. Will you support and defend the Bad River Residents and their friends and neighbors who know we need to protect our water resources for our children and not let them be squandered by the Republican/Tea bag crazies currently running the show? 

7. Will you support raising the minimum wage with gradual increase indexed to COLA?

8.  And any list of questions would be incomplete without addressing wetlands protection - please explain your thought on the importance of protecting our water and wetlands? 

Your platform does have a couple of interesting points. However, your platform seems to represent the “new age, right wing, agenda” that created and continues to support a worldwide mess lead by the military/industrial complex. President/General Dwight D. Eisenhower forewarned us, and he called it, spot on. As a small businessperson, consultant, and candidate searching for money and votes you are experienced and well-educated. Putting these all together, explain your ideas for Wisconsin homes, villages, townships, cities, industries, public buildings and counties to dramatically increase the use of renewable energy?  Please send your responses to savethewatersedge@gmail.com and if you provide permission, they will be published. - Thanks.

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States Rights Adovocte -Supports Treaties (Hopefully this includes the Treaties with the Ojibwe Nations         Loves Law and Order