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02.09.13 ..calls it Genocide and I agree" Bruce Nobles testimony

02.14.13 Amidst Controversy, Superior Days Promotes Mining Legislation

02.11.13 WE need your questions and concerns

Check out Carl Sack's new map.

Wisconsin Mining Bill SB1/AB1: A Historical Review of AB426 01.22.13 By Barbara With

01.25.13 Representative Don Wachs Legislaton does NOT protect water 

02.11.13 Hearing Records Show Overwhelming Opposition to Mining Bill 

02.08.13  Duane Lahti: SB1/AB1 and find it to be totally unacceptable 

01.18 and 01.23.13 Assembly Record of Committee Proceedings Committee on Jobs, Economy and Mining 

02.11.13 Beth Bader's Testimony from the Ashland Listening Session - 

02.10 13 Representative Jeff Stone "fueling a form of environmental racism"

02.02.13 Mining Industry Targets “Prove It First” Law:  by Al Gedicks

02.03.13 Genocide, Racial Slurs. and misgiuded State Senator from West Bed, WI  in the news

01.31.13 AB1/SB1 "screams for the project's outright denunciation" 01.31.13

01.28.13 AB1-SB1 Opposed by Bad River Ojibwe

01.29.13 Iron county Economic Development Council Supports AB1&SB1 - Concerns include the Public Trust Doctrine Protects "Puddles"

01.29.13 Iron County Resource Development Association  won't support Dems bill because it protects puddles

01.23.13  Nancy Langston's reasons for opposing AB1/SB1  More info on website: Sustaining Lake Superior

TEA Baggers Want Mine - This is not the same mentality that tossed the Tea in the Boston Harbor!

How Wisconsin stopped Being Wisconsin 01.28.13

The Bad River Ojibwe take a Stand Against the Mine 01.28.13

01.27.13 Rally to Protect the Water and stop the mine project

Cherie Pero, Esie Leoso, Frank Koehn Madison 01.26.13

New Wisconsin iron mining bill will be devastating to the environment 01.22.13

New Mining Bill "has more exemptions than regulations" Duane Lahti - Retired WI DNR Water Quality Specialist

Tom Tiffany and Mary Williams support a Mining Bill "embraces short sighted greed" Bruce Lindgren

Testimony from Frank Koehn 01.23.12

Health Risks Associated with Taconite Mining 1987-2009 Study