Mary Burke Offers her views

Questions for Ms Burke: Will you work to  REPEAL the mining laws? How much control does Mr. Tate wield in your campaign and the Democratic Party?  

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05.06.14 - Mary where are thou hiding….??

05.06.14 Mary “Tax No Pay for Trek” Burke explanation makes Brett’s candidacy more credible.

Democrat  Mary Burke off to questionable start..  Mary Burke's 40-page job plan  "Invest for Success

December.13 Madison Magazine: In Race for Governor, Mary Burke Could Bring Much-Needed Balance

12.12.13 Like Walker, Burke says these concessions were necessary to balance the state budget.

12.01.13 So, where does Mary Burke stand on the issues?

11.06.13 Suggests she was open to the controversial iron mine in northern Wisconsin

10.16,13 Exclusive: Interview with Walker Challenger Mary Burke 

10.14.13 Democrat Mary Burke does first television sit down, no other extended interviews yet 

Republicans connect Mary Burke to Jim Doyle -(Political add)

10.16.13 Mary Burke: Vote For Me Because I Won’t Promise To Do Anything 10.16.13 (Republican add)

09.03.13Democrat  Mary Burke off to a questionable start 

Likely Scott Walker foe reported earning at least $6.8 million since 2008