WE Commentary (09/09/2010)

Mining companies and their operatives have been hard at work. Contacts have been initated with our State Senator, Northland College, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. There contacts and to date they have not surfaced. A recent article mentioned that the Ashland Area Development Council was interested in pursuing talks with the various entities that have expressed interest in mining in the Penokee Hills. Conveners and facilitators are apparently willing to provide a forum for discussion, While this is important, before discussion and facilitation, it is imperative the mining interests "untangle the web" and let us know their goals. At present they seem to be playing the seek out the loop holes, waivers, or variances which may be exploited, Mining interests are quick to talk big money and hundreds if not thousand of jobs. Talk is cheap, WE insist they provide access to their current mining sites and character references. Character referencs are needed to rent an apartment, and there is a lot more at stake than and apartment rental as these people move into our neighborhoods. At the moment all WE are getting is noise as oppsoed to a substantial presentation as to their goals. Freasiabilty studies might create mischief if WE do not know who the actual pllayers may be and the type of inng process they want to employ. Is this going to be an open pit operation?

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